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SURREPTITIOUS ENTRY OPERATIONS LEVEL I consists of a focused 40 hour program of formal instruction and intense hands-on-the-locks PRACTEX's relating to the opening of the majority of key operated locks likely to be encountered by an officer or operator ordered to conduct a covert, or surreptitious entry on behalf of his agency, pursuant to a valid court, or military order. Specific instruction will be provided on lock picking, lock by‑pass and other acceptable covert, surreptitious or clandestine entry neutralization measures to include key impressioning and lock modifications.

SURREPTITIOUS ENTRY OPERATIONS, LEVEL II is a 40 plus hour course which will provide the Technical Surveillance Specialist, officer, or operator who has successfully completed the Basic TSS entry course, or possesses equivalent lock training, with expert skills in several new surreptitious entry areas. Emphasis is placed on refining and enhancing the student's ability to identify and neutralize locks and locking devices using a variety of new lock picking and lock by-pass techniques and tools. Special emphasis is given to making a variety of field expedient lock and car opening tools out of readily available COTS supplies and materials. Additional instruction will include the manipulated opening of personnel access systems; key casting techniques; lock "bumping" techniques to include making bump keys.

PLANNING & CONDUCTING SURREPTITIOUS ENTRY OPERATIONS is a program which teaches each student how to carefully plan, supervise and conduct surreptitious or secret entry operations in support of court ordered law enforcement, or special covert military operations. This 40 plus hour course includes detailed instruction on the preparation of comprehensive covert entry operation plans. The instructors for this program are without equal! This course requires the participants to plan and conduct actual PRACTEX surreptitious entry operations of specific target vehicles, containers, commercial offices, boats & vessels, aircraft, and aircraft hangers and residential structures. Students accepted for enrollment in this course must have a thorough working knowledge and understanding of the techniques and skills necessary of a surreptitious entry operative who is required to conduct officially sanctioned covert entrees. This is by design an intense and stressful program which will require total commitment by each participant.

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